Swimming Pool Automatic Water Purification System


Our automatic copper silver ionization system with NASA technology, is made by Carefree Clearwater LTD.  There are different models for spas and small back yard pools, up to large 125,000 gallon pools or more.  Pools with more than 125,000 Gallons will require extra units (a 150,000 gallon pool would require 1-1200 C-1 unit and 1-1100 unit and so on). This system is non corrosive and eliminates the growth of all types of algae (including black and yellow algae), and also kills harmful bacteria, pathogens and viruses including legionella pneumophila (Legionnaire's Disease), E.coli, pseudomonas,  aeruginosa, steptococcus, staphylococcus, salmonella viruses and many more.  Residential pools can go CHLORINE FREE!  (See 100% satisfaction guarantee below)

The Silver Institute, Washington D.C., issued a report showing that a 20,000 gallon pool in Lincoln Nebraska infused with 50 gallons of sewer effluent, was purified to a zero level with only 3.2 ppb of silver in the water as the disinfectant. The Carefree Clearwater system uses over 5 times this level of bactericidal alloy for even greater sanitizing protection.  The line of products we sell will help reduce water related illnesses caused by bacteria.  Click here for more information about water related illnesses.

This system will pay for itself in about a year of continuous use through lower costs of chlorine, bromine or polymeric biguanide and eliminates the need for other harsh chemicals (algaecides, shock and clarifiers), plus it will eliminate that "chlorine smell" that is common with indoor pools which is actually not chlorine, but potentially harmful asthma causing chloramines that can effect competition swimmers and people who spend time in that environment for long periods of time, coaches, life guards, ect.. Click here for more information about harmful chloramines.  

On the market since 1985 and sold world wide, Carefree Clearwater has sold their products to many well known organizations, the following are just a small sample of customers.  Center for Disease Control-Atlanta Ga., Cincinnati and Atlanta Zoos, Adams Mark, Holiday Inn, Hilton, Doubletree, Extended Stay Hotels, Disney World, NOAA, YMCAs, fitness centers, many universities, cities, hospitals, resorts, home owners and more.  This system may also be used for fountains, cooling towers, HVAC systems and industrial water treatment applications.

We offer a 100% money back guarantee after six months of use.  If for any reason you are not happy with this product you may return it, no questions asked for a full refund.  

The model #1100 may also be used for spas and hot tubs.

The features include:

- Simple to use controls

- Plug in Operation

- Lifetime warranty

- Variable power output for spas and pools

- Solid state electronic circuitry multiple fuse protection

- Light emitting diodes display power output range, anode condition and polarity

- Extended cleaning cycle for purification

- Watertight weatherproof UL approved enclosure

-NASA has granted approval for commercial manufacturing of their patented ionizer to Carefree Clearwater, Ltd. Additional US patents pending.

- United States environmental protection agency est. #59047-GA-001

To learn more about this product, please click HERE to visit Carefree Clearwater then return to our web site to purchase the system.



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