Mineral Boosters

This Booster is the same EPA Registered, NSF Certified all natural mineral formulation that is packed inside the residential units. The Booster is used in conjunction with these units and a low residual of chlorine (0.5 ppm residential-1.5-2.0 ppm commercial) to effectively eliminate all types of algae and bacteria the natural way. The residential units rejuvenating cylinders last for up to 12 months, however these Booster minerals need to be added every 4 to 6 months based on bather load, conditions and algae kill.

Reasons to use a Booster:
· Increase amount of minerals for pools.
· Replace lost minerals due to backwash, splash out, and algae kill.


· Ensure that filter is clean
· Add Booster to skimmer basket


· Add only if needed after 4-6 months of initial install. Use with Residential Unit so minerals can be rejuvenated.
· You will know you need more booster mineral if your chemical demand goes up, or if you see spots of algae appearing.

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